The Great Bulb West End Christmas Party Competition

5 02 2009

Should have blogged about this ages ago because it happened before Christmas, but it still feels fresh.

The Bulb Studios Christmas Party was immense. We went everywhere and did everything, from bowling to shooting basketball hoops to darts, all in the name of friendly competition. The prize was a tankard with £100 in it, and it was a showdown between Rob and Jim at the bitter end. Jim came out on top, but his wife spirited away the cash before he ever laid eyes on it! Such is marriage 😉

Below are a selection of my favourite photos, courtesy of Rob on Bulb Studios Flickrstream.

Mat had many, many fun times.

I kicked Tanda’s arse at Jenga. Oh yes.

Gala Bowls for the first time.

Lovingly decorating the ham.

The wife and I do the dancing thing. This was before she jumped through a moving car window. Never a dull moment!




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