The Day Jenzo Rolled Into Town

15 02 2009

It has been a blinding weekend. Jenzo came to visit Lestaaa and we have had many, many fun times going into town and buying lampshades (I know how to show a girl a good time), playing DVD Catchphrase and drinking. Very big drinking. Loved being her tour guide, she saw all the best places.

We went to the Hub for a couple of shots of very strong Christmas on Friday night before heading off to see Cyantific at Superfly with Tanda and Ema. Bloody amazing set, but the crowd was a bit odd. We soon forgot about that after yet more tequila. Oh tequila.

Saturday was spent being a bit spaced out and wandering the streets of Lesta looking at all the sights, sounds and charity shops before being ripped off by Sainsburys (checkout girl stole our pineapple juice!), making coffee and falling asleep in front of Dogma (£4 down the charity shop get in!). Then it was an evening of cooking pizza, drinking gin and getting down to 9 Bar for their 12th Birthday. Amazing ice sculpture shot slide, phat beats and many, many drinks. We danced like the crazies before walking to Esko afterwards and dancing like more crazies. It was much fun. I am very tired. We ate pizza at 5am. Ohh yeahh. My brain has ceased to function.

Ace weekend, loveth thou Jenzo.

Ice sculpture at 9bar




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