Memory Loss

4 03 2009

Just logged onto this blog thinking “Wonder when the last time I wrote was?”.

Apparently it was yesterday. I don’t remember at all.

That’s what you get for chugging multiple pints of cider whilst drawing dragons with brightly coloured felt tips.


WHat the hell am i doing?

3 03 2009

– Enjoying the sporadic sunshine
– Questioning my work career decisions
– Looking for new fun things to push out into the open and pioneer
– Trying not to bend to the impulse of running away to another country, despite what feet are saying
– Dropping myself on my face, am such an idiot
– Am excited about something…

It is an exciting time, but am really fighting the impulse to jack it in and go somewhere completely different. However, feel it is more like grass is greener than actual thought out plans.