{Promises of Sunshine}

12 04 2009

So many things have been happening lately, in keeping with my ‘let’s stay busy’ 2009 mindset. As always, I’m not the most articulate of people so here are the happenings in bullet point stylee:

  • Setting up Summer Schools is going well, waiting to hear back on some funding
  • Was at Step into Sport camp all last week, teaching lovely kiddies how to use cameras and make a film. Am having a big career shakeup as a result. Watch my transformation into a film person!
  • Cut my Bulb Studios days down to one. Will use the spare time to aid my transformation, as before I’ve been filling it with Pedestrian work which is not ideal.
  • Bought an iPod classic! I never buy things! Although again in keeping with my recycling brain, it’s second hand off ebay. It never occurred to me that people could be wankers, so I’m hoping that it hasn’t been dropped in water or similar. There is a way to tell, but I haven’t picked it up yet so we shall see. I’m a bit nervous, as my naivety might have cost me a hundred quid. Damn.
  • Have come back to parents for bank holiday. It is lovely and relaxing and I have slept lots and hung out with my Dad. We went to Blackbushe market. I bought shampoo. No, really.
  • We have a new lovely housemate called Lucy. She is wicked. We go to reggae nights and drink a lot of rum and ginger beer. I enjoy her face and her brightly coloured happy hippiness.
  • My poledancing competition is this coming Thursday. I haven’t done any practise for 13 days. I am going to fail miserably.
  • Have been planning Summer. It is lush. So far it looks like this:

  • Ibiza maybe! Not sure if I can afford it yet though.
  • One week in Devon with my down south chicas. Surfing!
  • Random, unplanned days in a transit van. You can put a hammock in it! Pure joy.
  • Reading festival maybe, if I don’t sell my ticket. Will see how I feel.
  • Promises of a reggae festival in the Netherlands, but again we shall seeeeeee.
  • Bestival! Am buying my ticket when I get some pennies.
  • Family tings. Standard. Maybe Scotland. Exciting! Heather and sheep and highland coos.
  • Would like to do something with Samantha. But due to the nature of our jobs we can’t take time off at the same time. But I will broach the subject anyway, test the water with our manager.
  • I feel a lot better in my mind at the moment. I am still sorting myself out, it seems to be taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Step into Sport really helped as we had a bit of down time in which I could have a really good think without the pressures of work around. Pedestrian is really stressing me out for no reason, I’m getting too emotional about the job. I am not my work. Must remember that. Will remember that…..




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