Imaginarium: The First Performance

19 04 2010

This was a completely voluntary performance, to give me a little bit more experience of performing to an audience and crowd pleasing. There were only 3 of us performing as everyone else got too scared at the last minute, but the crowd absolutely loved it. Nicole was an absolute star, helping me to put the pole up and decorate the room and just being generally wonderful. The Dusk till Dawn lads were amazing as well, everyone really pitched in and calmed pre-show nerves and was generally wonderful.

Originally I wore a mask to hide who I was as I got really frightened about people seeing me, but to be honest if I’m going to (try and) win competitions I need all the promo I can get! Pole dance is a more accepted form of dance now, especially because I am not a stripper (I can’t emphasise this enough) and I think of myself more of a ballet dancer than a pole dancer. I understand this may have some effect on my future career prospects in the youth work field, but it makes me laugh that when you put a leotard on and dance around it’s suddenly alright, but if you’re dancing near a pole it isn’t.

Anyway! The show was brilliant and we performed until we were so exhausted we couldn’t keep our eyes open, then had a bit of a dance in the upstairs ballroom before going home. It was a brilliant night.

Some photos of us in action:

Nicole doing a hip hold. Wicked!

Me, putting the split power move into action.

… and generally being bendy.




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