Second practise video – spinning pole

31 05 2010

It’s officially the last night in our beautiful house, and it’s only just sunk in we are actually leaving. So, after all the cleaning and packing I have recorded another video having a mess about on the spinning pole. Not serious, no routine shizz just a bit of fun on a bank holiday Monday. Enjoi!


New Practise Video

30 05 2010

Making the most of my time left in the big house, I’ve recorded a couple of videos to see how I can improve my dancing. This combination has been getting easier and easier lately, and I only discovered the linking moves by accident when I was messing about hanging upside down. I love it when that happens.


29 05 2010

Moving house is exhausting. Everything is sold now though, made a bit of cash as I got most things second hand or free but then I cancelled it all out by buying things from Tatty Devine. Dammit. Keeping the economy in motion I suppose….

On the upside I have now got nothing in my room so I can shimmy about as much as I like! Expect a new spinning pole video by the end of this weekend and I might actually do the Spinning Bird Kick challenge….

Pole Riders…. Not what it sounds like

28 05 2010

This is friggin amazing.

It would be brilliant to do around Leicester with a removable pole so other artists can do impromptu performances! Imagine… travelling circus on a whole new level!

My sister’s blog is amazing

8 05 2010

Read it here

Pictures of me in my pants keep appearing….

8 05 2010

Seems like the Leicester Comedy Festival Opening Party was the best free gig I’ve ever done as photographers keep sending me pictures – even now 3 months after the event! For a while Facebook was full of pictures of me in my pants – always good for my day job. These were taken by Nicole’s boyfriend Mr. Denyer and they are lovely. These are a great portrayal of my dancing style, and he even got a sneaky sniper crowd shot in as well. Good work!


Floating on the pole:

Sneaky crowd shot:

Lust for Ridiculous Shoes

3 05 2010

These shoes are ridiculous…. but I want them. They don’t make them any more though, apparently it’s all about tip jar shoes now. But these are so much better! Any routine would be complimented by tiny little ducks at your feet.

I always saw dancing in really high shoes as another way of making pole dance more difficult. You need to balance, work harder to make it look easy and generally try not to break your ankle when dropping out of moves. Fair enough, they do make your legs look amazingly long and make the whole dance a bit more stripper-esque but to be honest I love the way they add an element of danger while making my legs longer. I have strong thighs. Nuff said.