Lust for Ridiculous Shoes

3 05 2010

These shoes are ridiculous…. but I want them. They don’t make them any more though, apparently it’s all about tip jar shoes now. But these are so much better! Any routine would be complimented by tiny little ducks at your feet.

I always saw dancing in really high shoes as another way of making pole dance more difficult. You need to balance, work harder to make it look easy and generally try not to break your ankle when dropping out of moves. Fair enough, they do make your legs look amazingly long and make the whole dance a bit more stripper-esque but to be honest I love the way they add an element of danger while making my legs longer. I have strong thighs. Nuff said.


Freestyle Pole Dance to School of Seven Bells

3 05 2010

This is quite an old video now, taken a couple of months ago. I am now working on a spinning pole version and my new competition routines. I am so excited about competing! Am entered in one already and I would like to enter PoleDivas as well. Not expecting to win, just want to have a good time and meet lots of new people! Next year will be a bit more serious as it’s my last year in the country before I leave possibly for good. Donna made me a promise last year that if I win Miss Pole Dance UK she will get my name tattooed on her bum. She thinks I’ve forgotten….

Clicky clicky.

(Might upload to Youtube or something if the restrictions make it an issue)

New Move: Flying Hero

3 05 2010

Came up with this move the other weekend as a variation on the Ballerina. Now all I have to do is work out a way to get into it elegantly because at the moment it’s not very graceful! Also, ignore the rubbish point on my right foot….

I Have Something Great to Reveal!

3 05 2010

A new film I’ve been working on with Vijay… check it out. Honestly, it is brilliant 😉 I am the new hero of Sweden!