I do not enjoy this time of the month

10 06 2010

Did you know that the menstrual crap women have to put up with the most common cause of lost school and work hours? I can definitely believe that. I feel terrible and the worst part is there is nothing I can do. Painkillers don’t make a dent in it, food makes me feel sick and water is not welcome. It’s rubbish as I want to train but I can’t because my muscles ache just from walking up the stairs. Stupid body. Behave!

Anyway moan over!

Good news – did good things at work this week and the Igniting HipHop show we are doing at Curve on Saturday has completely sold out already. Excited!

Lucy has been working on this massive charity fundraiser for her sister’s Trust and she has asked me to perform as well. I asked for an individual slot as I will have a competition ready routine by then but her family loved the videos so much that they want me to perform with the headliner band as well!! That is so much more than I expected and I am so so excited. It is going to be a brilliant event and the website will go live this weekend for more info.




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