Baking! Love it

11 06 2010

After Lucy’s revelation last night (“I can’t remember the last time I let Lauren cook by herself”) I am going to rebel and bake as much as I can! Haha, sneaky.

Starting with this bad boy. Oh no wait, I just found this. Amazing.

I’ve also been really lax on the vegan side of things lately. I do have a rule – when it’s day number one of lady time, I can have chocolate and pizza because those are two of my main comfort foods. But chocolate seems to be sneaking it’s way back into my life on a more regular basis which is naughty because it doesn’t contribute to my energy levels or muscle mass. So! The conclusion is more vegan baking, less impulse chocolate buying. Sorted.

On a side note, my sister is in town this weekend / week. I am excited.




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