Another Good Day on the Pole

17 06 2010

After yesterday’s revelation at getting the twisted grip I have now smashed another move – The Spatchcock. Another really bendy move cracked, that’s 2 in 2 days! Plus all the new ones we did at dancing tonight. Brilliant, fantastic session with lovely people. I flippin love dancing so much, honestly the best thing that happened to me last year was that breakup. It didn’t feel like it at the time but now I am so much stronger because I threw myself into dance to get over him. It worked, and I am going to smash it on the pole this year. I am feeling fookin brilliant.

Oh, and I also did a 6 and a half minute routine tonight inbetween the sessions. I’ve gone a bit Metallica (Bleeding Me is my song of the moment) and even though I always said I wouldn’t dance sexy, it seems to be sneaking in. Not that that’s a bad thing but there will never be any videos!

Anyway, enough chat – here’s the move:





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