There are not enough hours in the day!

18 08 2010

Writing about the stuff I am doing has taken a back seat because I am busy doing things. Good catch 22 to be in but it means the blog is going un-updated at the moment. One day I will write a bit more… one day…


This is absolute genius

11 08 2010

This girl should not have any problems finding another job…

Pity it’s a hoax but it’s a very entertaining one 😉


6 08 2010

Last night I had a dream that I was boiling the kettle. According to this means the following:

To dream that something is boiling, represents transformation and/or sacrifice.  There is something that you need to get down to the heart of. In particular to dream that water is boiling, suggests that you are expressing some emotional turmoil. It also may mean that feelings from your unconscious are surfacing and ready to be acknowledged.

Or it could mean that I really, really like tea. Either way.