So much has happened…

6 10 2010

… I will write about it soon. Here is a bullet point list of things I have been doing lately, I will expand when I get a free day:

  • Having my buffday
  • Winning pole tings
  • Training for more pole competitions
  • Helping Donna set up the new studio in Melton Mowbray for First Class Pole Fitness
  • Travelling back and forth from Melton at least 3 days a week but mostly 5
  • Going to Ninjatune XX
  • Hanging out with Adam
  • Learning new pole moves on spinning and static
  • Looking for a new house with 2 new housemates
  • Getting ready to say goodbye to my current housemate
  • Working 5 but mostly 6 days a week
  • Buying a pole stage (yes!)
  • Winning another pole (I have a pole forest now)
  • Getting free beer
  • Going to Secret Garden Party
  • Watching circus acts
  • Teaching a splits and flexibility class at First Class Pole Fitness
  • Loving ballet – it’s hard but I am getting better every week
  • Working on 2 new routines for pole
  • Getting my spine and pelvis realigned – made so much difference!
  • Going to the masterclass with Felix on Saturday (!!)
  • Performing at First Class Pole Fitness’s Industry Launch on Sunday (wahoo! I am also baking cakes for it!)
  • Trying to find time to sleep

Right, back to doing my pilates core exercises. I am aiming to get Iron X by Christmas, it is my main goal at the moment. Let’s do it!




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