{Promises of Sunshine}

12 04 2009

So many things have been happening lately, in keeping with my ‘let’s stay busy’ 2009 mindset. As always, I’m not the most articulate of people so here are the happenings in bullet point stylee:

  • Setting up Summer Schools is going well, waiting to hear back on some funding
  • Was at Step into Sport camp all last week, teaching lovely kiddies how to use cameras and make a film. Am having a big career shakeup as a result. Watch my transformation into a film person!
  • Cut my Bulb Studios days down to one. Will use the spare time to aid my transformation, as before I’ve been filling it with Pedestrian work which is not ideal.
  • Bought an iPod classic! I never buy things! Although again in keeping with my recycling brain, it’s second hand off ebay. It never occurred to me that people could be wankers, so I’m hoping that it hasn’t been dropped in water or similar. There is a way to tell, but I haven’t picked it up yet so we shall see. I’m a bit nervous, as my naivety might have cost me a hundred quid. Damn.
  • Have come back to parents for bank holiday. It is lovely and relaxing and I have slept lots and hung out with my Dad. We went to Blackbushe market. I bought shampoo. No, really.
  • We have a new lovely housemate called Lucy. She is wicked. We go to reggae nights and drink a lot of rum and ginger beer. I enjoy her face and her brightly coloured happy hippiness.
  • My poledancing competition is this coming Thursday. I haven’t done any practise for 13 days. I am going to fail miserably.
  • Have been planning Summer. It is lush. So far it looks like this:

  • Ibiza maybe! Not sure if I can afford it yet though.
  • One week in Devon with my down south chicas. Surfing!
  • Random, unplanned days in a transit van. You can put a hammock in it! Pure joy.
  • Reading festival maybe, if I don’t sell my ticket. Will see how I feel.
  • Promises of a reggae festival in the Netherlands, but again we shall seeeeeee.
  • Bestival! Am buying my ticket when I get some pennies.
  • Family tings. Standard. Maybe Scotland. Exciting! Heather and sheep and highland coos.
  • Would like to do something with Samantha. But due to the nature of our jobs we can’t take time off at the same time. But I will broach the subject anyway, test the water with our manager.
  • I feel a lot better in my mind at the moment. I am still sorting myself out, it seems to be taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Step into Sport really helped as we had a bit of down time in which I could have a really good think without the pressures of work around. Pedestrian is really stressing me out for no reason, I’m getting too emotional about the job. I am not my work. Must remember that. Will remember that…..


    Stop Motion Fun with Bulb Studios!

    5 02 2009

    Jim and I made this as part of December’s Bulb Studios Creative Jam. We had such a laugh doing it! Can’t wait for the next one!

    The Great Bulb West End Christmas Party Competition

    5 02 2009

    Should have blogged about this ages ago because it happened before Christmas, but it still feels fresh.

    The Bulb Studios Christmas Party was immense. We went everywhere and did everything, from bowling to shooting basketball hoops to darts, all in the name of friendly competition. The prize was a tankard with £100 in it, and it was a showdown between Rob and Jim at the bitter end. Jim came out on top, but his wife spirited away the cash before he ever laid eyes on it! Such is marriage 😉

    Below are a selection of my favourite photos, courtesy of Rob on Bulb Studios Flickrstream.

    Mat had many, many fun times.

    I kicked Tanda’s arse at Jenga. Oh yes.

    Gala Bowls for the first time.

    Lovingly decorating the ham.

    The wife and I do the dancing thing. This was before she jumped through a moving car window. Never a dull moment!

    Blast from the Past

    23 01 2009

    Feel a bit like a student on an all nighter. Discovered this perfect fund for us, and have been chipping away at the application form ever since. It’s a big boy, and I don’t want to discuss it in too much depth in case I get too excited and start making plans like we’ve already got it. Which we haven’t. The deadline is tomorrow at noon. have pulled a couple of late nights with the wife to get it done, but we’re sort of confident now. Sort of. You never can tell, and here is why:

    The Things I’m Learning About Funding

    – Funders are not always clear about their priorities, and if you guess you may guess wrong

    – Even if you pitch perfectly they may already have someone else in mind, and you may not get it

    – Be as focused as possible, do not stray from their criteria

    – Back up everything you say with statistics from the area your project will take place

    – Stay positive, take feedback on board and keep at it

    Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated when faced with the challenges of applying for funding, but strangely enough I feel more comfortable applying for the big funds than the small ones. Maybe this is because the amount of funding awarded justifies the time spent on them, whereas small funds for £500 feel a little bit flippant especially when you have to jump through so many hoops to get it.

    Anyway, enough negativity. Bed time. Work tomorrow. More funding, more applications, but for Bulb Roots this time. It is really exciting times.

    Steve LaMacq Is Mat’s New Best Friend

    5 12 2008

    Bulb Studios are avid Radio 6 listeners, and when Mat heard that Steve LaMacq was championing a day called ‘Wear Your Old Band Tshirt To Work Day’ he knew it was a match made in Heaven. Good timing too, as that was the day that the Queen visited Leicester to open the new Curve Theatre, making the day all Royal and Official and Everything.

    It’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Proper.

    Funding Application: Almost There

    19 03 2008

    After goodness knows how long, I’ve finally got my bottom in gear and written out the funding application for a 2 months summer project with kids, shooting panoramic photographs of Leicester town. Boooyaaa. Hopefully it’ll come through, don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t! It’s such a wicked project, but then there’s no telling if this is good or bad value for money as we don’t know what other people are doing at this time. Oh well. Keep the fingers crossed.

    Week 20

    14 02 2008

    Tiny break from work. Today is focusing on periods and how women’s sanitary product habits can be broken down into categories which will gretaly influence the outcome of my final design and campaign. D&AD onyl ask for the rebranding and packaging btu the conclusion is emerging that in order for it to be successful it needs to have a campaign backing it up or it will fade into obscurity like Happy Shopper. There’s no link behind that comparison, I just haven’t thought about Happy Shopper in a while.

    I am now working for Bulb and Bulbroots on a Wednesday afternoon but also during the week in my-own-time-whenever-I-feel-like-it styleeeeee. It will be a lot of fun and very rewarding, and I am getting over the Fear slowly. Currently just been given project where will manage extension of Geotag project and document Leicester’s changes every month for a year I think. Means will have to keep coming back to Leicester or stay here for the duration of the project but who knows, that may become a viable option a bit later on. Still feel a bit nomadic in terms of housing and things, but that’s probably best because staying in one place too long could become stagnant.

    The wakupmakeup people are currently away so their projects are on hold. Not sure I fully understand what they want me to do, another meeting and chat is needed. The creativtypes people who I met on Monday haven’t got back to me yet about whether they want me to work or not. I will chase them next Tuesday, as over week is enough time to warrant a prompting. I also am a little nervous about the Willmott Dixon interview on Tuesday because it’s such a daunting thing to have a whole day interview process. I will conquer the Fear, it will not beat me. But on the bright side I get to see my family and my Grandma who I haven’t seen in ages. That’s more than enough incentive to go for it.

    So the business sets in, but to be honest it is paying off because:

  • 76% for CAD
  • 74% for RSA project (Gillette razors)
  • 72% for Sloane project
  • Shocking, but makes me feel warm inside. 2:1 here I come.