Week 33: Exhausted

5 05 2008

So it is very nearly almost over. For good. The dissertation was finished and printed on Wednesday, bound on Thursday and handed in on Friday. All that’s left now is the 24 hour project which is tomorrow until Wednesday and the research poster handed in next week.

This week has been really good, went to 9bar on Wednesday for drinkies which turned into Seani and I having a heart to heart for ages, Thursday the wife and I cooked a wicked meal of vegetarian haggis, celeriac and butternut squash and drew amazing pictures to go on the wall for the upcoming party. It was wicked. The party on Saturday went really well, although only Sam, Al, Dan and I set it up which was a bit stressful and annoying but it’s cool because there was a really good vibe going once the party got started.

Unfortunately I haven’t felt well since Friday, and even now I feel so drained and uncomfortable no matter how much water I drink or naps I have. The only thing I can hope for is that it goes away once I start getting into job hunting mode. I can’t wait to have a job now, if only to have some structured work hours. Although even if I did go freelance (depending on the circumstances) and had to motivate myself and manage my own time outside of the nine to five I really could do it, because I’ve done it enough this year. I can’t just sit around on my bottom all day I would actually go insane.

I’m off now, to watch desperate housewives, rewrite my CV and draft out my research poster. Having all this time is a bit of an alien concept. I don’t know what to do with myself. Quick! Someone give me some work!


Week 25

22 03 2008

So far things have been progressing nicely, with only little setbacks. So I felt it was time to go back down south and visit the parents for the weekend, in true working person styleee. It’s just snowed, but dissertation books are warm and so are family.

Things are alright, and the caffeine addiction is developing nicely. I love coffee. So much. That’s probably my most expensive luxury food thing, because I’ll only ever buy fair trade and preferably organic strong roast for my beautiful yellow filter machine. *sigh* brilliant.

The dissertation scale is the current issue, because I’m working on a rough 3D model I can use for multiple companies to analyse entrepreneurial tendencies (risk management, innovative qualities etc) and measure them against frequency and significance of the innovations they produce. Hopefully it’ll produce an accurate model based on current quantifiable management models that can be ripped apart by two separate tutors. It’ll be very interesting to see what they say.

I could really, really do with an Apple and Elderflower collins or maybe a hot toddy. It’s because it’s the weekend, I miss having cocktails with Dan from our monster bar. One day I will get round to taking a photograph of it because it is amazingly beautiful. I do miss him, it will be three weeks till our next meet now. Just because he wants to go gallivanting off on his free company ski trip =p hehe.

It’s official

30 01 2008

I love being upside down. It’s my fourth week of pole dancing and today it just clicked, and everything got so much easier and a lot less daunting. It really helped that there was only two of us in the beginners group so I got loads more practice time than I would have normally, but the bad news is the friction burns on my wrist are beginning to sting! Time to get the surgical spirit out and toughen myself up.

In other news, I have been taken on by Bulb!! How exciting! It’s for work experience alongside my degree but it’s going to be so wicked, it’s such an honour to have be a part of the team. They’ve got an exhibition on Thursday that requires an extra pair of hands, which is where I come in with my handy craft knife. Excited!

There is so much work to do at the moment though, I recently contacted a lot of people at the Jewellery Innovation Centre in Birmingham, expecting replies in a couple of weeks or so due to busy schedules, and they all got back to me the next day! Amazing but at the same time a bit premature because I haven’t formulated my questionnaire yet! Can’t win haha. Workplace futures presentation (worth 40% of one module) is a week on Monday, which is very daunting. Am very nervous it will go wrong, but to be honest it just needs thinking through thoroughly, and I’ve only covered about a quarter of what I need to cover so far. Competition project is going very well, loving the feminine hygiene product market! It’s something so different because of the subject matter and the taboo associated with it. I’m still in the initial research stages but I am building rich picture profiles of each of my age groups and then I will start to design the appropriate packaging. It’s really exciting, and I may even enter if it’s deemed good enough. But then we shall have to wait and see.

I’m off to bed, getting up this morning was devilishly hard.


13 12 2007

I really do not understand the literature review. I don’t even know what my dissertation question is any more. It just seems so pointless. This lit review is so frustrating because I don’t understand what it is for, why I am doing it or even how to relate it to my question. The work will not get a good mark simply because I do not understand how to write it or even if I’m doing it right. I was so confident at the beginning and now I just feel like I’m struggling with something that will never get any better. Natalia asked me so many questions and I couldn’t answer any of them. It was the first time in my education experience I have felt really truly stupid.

How things are going so far…..

9 12 2007

It’s been a bit hectic these past couple of weeks, and since it is Sunday it’s time to shift down a gear work wise, but not completely stop obviously. The past couple of weeks have been spent sitting at the desk or in the library just solidly getting through the workload. RSA is going well and I am especially proud of this project because I have never done technical drawing, packaging design or 3D modelling in my life so to do a whole project centred around it is a personal achievement. Obviously, if I do not get a good mark it will be a disappointment but we shall see how it goes.

We have been given really tight deadlines concerning the literature review for the dissertation module, and it is due in next Friday along with the RSA project. It is difficult because of the level of analytical criticism that is needed, but it is coming along well, and that will be the focus of today.

Yesterday was a little frustrating because I spent a long time making nets for RSA packaging before working out that it simply could not be done economically. But this was a blessing in disguise because it lead me to think further about the application of the packaging, and formulate something that was not simply disposable after one use. I also concentrated on ‘closing the loop’, and feel that a design has been formulated that fulfills this section of the brief. However, I have a tutorial with Chipps tomorrow and he may feel differently…..

Dissertation Primary Research

21 11 2007

This weekend I have been mostly spending time with Dan because he had a couple of days off, and he kindly agreed to accompany me to some exhibitions in London so we could get some culture and primary resarch at the same time. It was good, and shows just what you can do without spending any money.

First up was the Crafts exhibition

at the V&A. It was amazing, and we had a good discussion about what we thought ornament was, and how the pieces challenged our views. I also got obsessed by these glass blocks with clouds in, as the reflections they gave were beautiful. Dan had wandered around all of the rest of the exhibition then came back and I was still there playing with the light and giggling every so often. Perfectly normal behaviour. This was also the first place in a couple of months I was told I couldn’t take pictures. Was on a roll of not being caught but now it’s been broken. Oh well!

The second exhibition was at the National Theatre in London, and it was entitled ‘Dazzle London’‘. It was good, small but they put a lot in the space. It was good to see some award winning designers and collect a lot of first hand imagery of innovation in the jewellery industry. However, there was information on the materials used but not the techniques so it will be difficult to compare these pieces in terms of technical innovation. It was also very quiet, and they caught me with my camera because it makes a noise when it auto-focuses. The second place in two days. Grrr. But the pieces I loved I took photos of when they weren’t looking. My justification: they’ll be on the designers websites anyway. Haha.

Currently I am working on the Sloane sustainable materials report which is due in on Friday. This is my priority but my head will explode if I do it all in one go so I’m breaking it up with technical drawing of sustainable packaging for the RSA project. This is going much much better now I’ve actually got the hang of isometric drawing, but the lines and curves are too wobbly in my hand drawn drawings, so I’m going to redo them in illustrator and wrap the logo etc in photoshop. Hopefully all this will take place this coming week, as well as preparing my packaging designs in Rhino 3D. That’s the theory anyway. Back to work I go.

Trundling Along

13 11 2007

So far things have been going alright, haven’t had to pull any all nighters just yet but I’m sure there’s plenty of time for that. Just a very quick update with current progress: Friday handed in Sloane report on environmental retail trends, Monday handed in research project proposal, second Sloane report on ethical and environmental materials is in next Friday, RSA project is due in in four weeks, literature review is due in in four weeks, CAV is due in in four weeks so all in all this month is going to be super hectic.

The isometric drawing is still proving to be a bit of a problem. I sat at my desk for a long long time yesterday and I only have half a decent drawing and about five unusable ones. I’m going to take them all in on Friday to Brian and find out what I’ve done wrong. Some of them it’s the measuring, some it’s the perspective, but because I don’t have someone actively pointing these things out to me I don’t know how to fix them. Probably just got to keep at it and practise practise practise.

However, I am currently sitting in a Rhino 3D lesson trying to draw a christmas tree. It’s a good program, but like with everything it takes practise. See my work blog for screen shots. Getting excited though, feel like I’m actually achieving things! This is unusual for my course haha. Kidding. Sort of.