Bouncy Bouncy, oh such a good time….

20 06 2010


WHat the hell am i doing?

3 03 2009

– Enjoying the sporadic sunshine
– Questioning my work career decisions
– Looking for new fun things to push out into the open and pioneer
– Trying not to bend to the impulse of running away to another country, despite what feet are saying
– Dropping myself on my face, am such an idiot
– Am excited about something…

It is an exciting time, but am really fighting the impulse to jack it in and go somewhere completely different. However, feel it is more like grass is greener than actual thought out plans.



7 02 2009

Geeking out with Gemma tonight over music. It was ace. Have never played on Traktor Scratch before but it was lovely. Have rediscovered reggae and made new dancing playlist (separate things, although I could dance to reggae but it would be a bit odd).

Heavy heart. But I adore that everyone is doing what they want in life, or at least taking steps towards what they want. Everything is changing. I am fighting the impulse to move out too, just to find somewhere with higher ceilings so I can do some practise once in a while.

This weekend is going to be proactive. Am going to make dancing website and start advertising. Not sure if anything will come of it but I’m going to try. Try, try try.

The Great Bulb West End Christmas Party Competition

5 02 2009

Should have blogged about this ages ago because it happened before Christmas, but it still feels fresh.

The Bulb Studios Christmas Party was immense. We went everywhere and did everything, from bowling to shooting basketball hoops to darts, all in the name of friendly competition. The prize was a tankard with £100 in it, and it was a showdown between Rob and Jim at the bitter end. Jim came out on top, but his wife spirited away the cash before he ever laid eyes on it! Such is marriage 😉

Below are a selection of my favourite photos, courtesy of Rob on Bulb Studios Flickrstream.

Mat had many, many fun times.

I kicked Tanda’s arse at Jenga. Oh yes.

Gala Bowls for the first time.

Lovingly decorating the ham.

The wife and I do the dancing thing. This was before she jumped through a moving car window. Never a dull moment!

Drunk Blogging

15 11 2008

It’s 1am and dinner has been replaced by many, many drinks. Whoops. Here is my life in short statements:

– Brilliant night tonight, had a lovely time with the design crew in lots of bars. Drunken times

– My phone finally works! So will ring Mum and Dad tomorrow, providing they aren’t jet setting off anywhere 😉

– Tomorrow we are going to see Annie Mac at leicester Uni, it will be brilliant as Sean and I have already arranged the drawing on of neon rainbow moustaches and goatees. Photos will follow

– I have a date! With a nice man. It’s still all very surreal

– Malkovich malkovich malkovich. Watched half of that last night before falling asleep

– Run out of silver strips. So lazy not buying any

– Ema reminded me of drunken embarrassing conversations had on my birthday. Whoops

– Ema is coming to Bristol! Hopefully. She will dance with us. It’s great, am bringing a collective to Bristol to dance rather than just me. Will be amazing. Don’t know if I can be arsed to wear nice shoes, it is a rave after all, they’d only get dragged through the squatjuice

– I’ve got to go and paint a creche in Nottingham tomorrow. Then get my arsed kicked by Donna. Hopefully there will be hardl an hangover. Famous last words

– Poodge. It is sad

– I can hear next door having sex. Depressing

– £300

– Awesome: too american a word?

– Tired. Bed time with bread. Ahhhhhhh