I Feel A Routine Coming On…

14 07 2010

Such a shame this only available on the Eclipse soundtrack (so you have to buy the entire album! Yuck). But this track gives me goosebumps. I’m going to record a dance to it tomorrow night as I haven’t been as inspired by a song for a long time. Watch this space…


Meeting the Pole Stars: Pantera Blacksmith

9 07 2010

Pantera is an absolutely brilliant performer, and after watching her go tonight and hearing about her training routine I am more inspired than ever to get going on the pole again. I have been relaxing a little more than I should have been lately but it was needed to sort myself out generally.

Anyway! On to the good stuff. She is so strong she can hold her moves for a very long time. Everything she does is so sure and confident, she really knows what she is doing. She has been doing it for 11 years though, she is one of the original old school girls who kick started this whole movement and I absolutely thank her for that.

Photos of her in action:

She also met her twin, Nicole. Apparently they have the same chin!

To end the evening I snagged a splits photo with her, I absolutely love this photo:

Brilliant performer, inspiring training regime and generally fantastic to watch. Can’t wait for Alethea Austin next week!

Bouncy Bouncy, oh such a good time….

20 06 2010

Another Good Day on the Pole

17 06 2010

After yesterday’s revelation at getting the twisted grip I have now smashed another move – The Spatchcock. Another really bendy move cracked, that’s 2 in 2 days! Plus all the new ones we did at dancing tonight. Brilliant, fantastic session with lovely people. I flippin love dancing so much, honestly the best thing that happened to me last year was that breakup. It didn’t feel like it at the time but now I am so much stronger because I threw myself into dance to get over him. It worked, and I am going to smash it on the pole this year. I am feeling fookin brilliant.

Oh, and I also did a 6 and a half minute routine tonight inbetween the sessions. I’ve gone a bit Metallica (Bleeding Me is my song of the moment) and even though I always said I wouldn’t dance sexy, it seems to be sneaking in. Not that that’s a bad thing but there will never be any videos!

Anyway, enough chat – here’s the move:



16 06 2010

This is a bit of a personal note in that no one except pole ladies will know what I’m talking about but:

Today I did a wicked move, something I’ve been trying to crack for ages.

I did the Twisted Grip.

This is amazing, because I’ve been trying to do it for so long but I think the hard training, situps and occasional sneaky chocolate are really starting to make a difference. This is such a personal achievement, especially after my massive crisis of confidence last month. For once I am really really pleased with my body.

Well done body, you have done a good thing. I will feed your favourite things (humous, apples and tea) tomorrow. Good work!

Rolling like Queens

6 06 2010

Second night in the new house:

New Practise Video

30 05 2010

Making the most of my time left in the big house, I’ve recorded a couple of videos to see how I can improve my dancing. This combination has been getting easier and easier lately, and I only discovered the linking moves by accident when I was messing about hanging upside down. I love it when that happens.