I do not enjoy this time of the month

10 06 2010

Did you know that the menstrual crap women have to put up with the most common cause of lost school and work hours? I can definitely believe that. I feel terrible and the worst part is there is nothing I can do. Painkillers don’t make a dent in it, food makes me feel sick and water is not welcome. It’s rubbish as I want to train but I can’t because my muscles ache just from walking up the stairs. Stupid body. Behave!

Anyway moan over!

Good news – did good things at work this week and the Igniting HipHop show we are doing at Curve on Saturday has completely sold out already. Excited!

Lucy has been working on this massive charity fundraiser for her sister’s Trust and she has asked me to perform as well. I asked for an individual slot as I will have a competition ready routine by then but her family loved the videos so much that they want me to perform with the headliner band as well!! That is so much more than I expected and I am so so excited. It is going to be a brilliant event and the website will go live this weekend for more info.


Up and Down

21 04 2010

After the massive highs of ballet earlier in the week, I really struck a low today. One of the key parts of being a successful athlete with a full time job unrelated to your sport is to stay positive mentally. It’s difficult to accept but there will be good days and bad days, and today was a bad day. I am not making the progress I want to be, but the only way to do that is to keep at it and work harder. If I don’t, I have no chance whatsoever.

Tomorrow is another day. Just got to sort my head out.


28 01 2009

Some of the people at work are on this ridiculous Kellog’s Crunchy Nut Cornflake ‘2 bowls a day challenge’.

I think it is stupid.

I feel quite passionately about food (now I can actually afford to buy quality stuff!) and this ‘challenge’, in my opinion, is nothing but a thinly veiled marketing ploy to get people to eat more cereal. Come on, sugar and dairy for two meals a day? Where’s the protein and the carbs that you need to survive? You’d have to get it all in the evening meal, which is a lot of pressure on one plate.

It’s better to start the day with a more substantial meal than end with it surely? As then all the food you inevitably end up eating (‘compensating’ for the day of abstinence) sits in your stomach overnight, the worst time to be digesting!

Maybe I am approaching this from the wrong angle, maybe it does work. But the only way I can see it working is by making people’s stomachs shrink (something they can do by not snacking) and encouraging them to eat more fruit out of sheer hunger.

If I had to choose a ‘diet’ it would be a juice detox. But then I can’t be bothered to make my own juices in order to detox, and know I would end up collapsing if I had to do it during a working week. How people manage to function and detox on just juice I will never know.

On a side note, getting enough b12 is really tough without supplements. I didn’t take mine for a week and got really tired and shaky again. It’s rubbish, hate relying on a tablet. But not enough to start eating meat again.

Mmmm. Muesli. nom nom.

Routine (damn body)

7 11 2008

Had a good day today, but my body still hasn’t sorted itself out. My ovaries are trying to kill me again, apparently on a three week cycle. Explains why I’ve been feeling so rubbish lately though. Tried to do my routine at dancing and my brain kept blanking, concentration is really hard to hold on to at the moment. Keep kicking myself because I should have been going through it this week in my brain but I haven’t. Am determined to know it inside out by next Thursday now, on top of the Riverside street dance with Clare.On the bright side, was very close to doing Death Lay today. When I get it I will post pictures, as that is the power move to end all power moves, and it is going in my routine! Excited!

On a side note, was teaching the Cultural Quarter Business Association members about blogging this evening and it was lovely teaching people about technology and what it can bring to business. It also made me brush up a little on the tiny bit of code I know, and rediscover RSS feed burners. They’re so lovely and pretty. Being a blog geek is the most fun you can have by yourself (when there’s no poles involved).

So ridiculously excited about this weekend, Gemma and I have a massive girly day planned with shopping for dancing pants and dresses, cocktails, free sushi and generally behaving like girls for once! We’re around guys so much it’s easy to forget that you are allowed to dress up and look decent every once in a while, rather than just throwing on jeans so you can get start playing drinking games sooner. So excited! Haven’t worn a dress and heels for so long, it’s going to be pure and utter carnage in the best way possible.

Almost Done

27 05 2008

It’s mad, it’s been a long time since last posting and a lot has happened. The 24 hour project was finished and printed with time to spare (!) and even managed 3 hours sleep which was wicked. The research poster has been handed in too, all beautiful and pink. All that’s left now is getting my prototype manufactured courtesy of Sloane, and finding a job! Exciting stuff

On the flip side however, my funding application got returned for the second time. This has seriously messed up my schedule for the holiday project, as it’s supposed to begin in July and the application takes eight weeks to process. In other words, it may get returned AGAIN because the dates now overlap. It’s a frustrating process but a worthwhile experience in brueacracy. I may not even get the money, in which case all this was for nothing. But it’s cool, no worries.

Better news: I have conquered my Fear! I can kick up in poledancing and hold the crucifix without panicking! It’s amazing! The wife can take all the credit for that though, she taught me the value of pulling your hand away superfast. Nice one chickadee, knew you were good for something 😉 as well as balancing my body’s high maintenance nutritional needs and listening to my brain’s moaning =]

Finding a job, even a temp one, is damn hard work. Nowhere really wants to employ me, and because I don’t have my passport here (it’s down south) they don’t love me. It’s cool, something will turn up I’m sure. Am putting off getting a full time job because doing the volunteer thing is so much fun. It can’t go on forever, but while it is I might as well enjoy it.

House hunting is going well, saw two places the other day which were nice. One was unfurnished but quite high rent, and the other was furnished, low rent and good area. Very cool, but it needs a lot of stuff done to it before we can actually move in. For example, the previous tenants managed to break two windows without the landlord’s knowledge. Well done. Still looking, because I refuse to be screwed over in July when I am technically homeless, and end up somewhere rubbish through desperation.

Overall though, things are good just not moving as fast as I would like. But then, I must learn that everything does not happen when I want it to. Gahhh.

Knew This Would Happen

21 04 2008

So the phase of self loathing and mental torture that is typical around deadline time is continuing. It’s slightly rubbish. Everything was going well, I was suitably sleep deprived to the point where I was really on top of everything and getting used to the surreal feeling that comes with being awake for so long but then I went to Dan’s and everything fell apart. I slept. And slept. And ate a bit. And slept. So now I have all this random energy and it won’t focus on work. Which is rubbish because the dissertation deadline is next Friday. All I want to do is watch films and poledance, is that so much to ask?

Week 28

9 04 2008

Very quick update as am working at the same time, but today is the day of the Sloane meeting, where they will discuss the reports that they have chosen to investigate further. This is my first chance to wow them and hopefully get a foot in the door on that research position. I really want to go for it, as everything else looks so uncertain. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I can’t pass up the chance for a free masters degree!

Work is going well but slowly, it is going to be a flat out slog now until the deadline next week, but I feel really upbeat and ready today. Kept waking up in the night panicking about work, might just give up sleeping for a while until all this is over, then crash for about a week. Woohaaa.

My camera’s finally given up the ghost after endless nights out, countless trips to other countries and a physical attack in the street. It’s a bit rubbish because it has so much history and I can’t afford another one, but I;m just going to have to live off other people’s memory cards for now! It’s all good.

I am really nervous and excited in equal measures about the Sloane meeting, but the good thing is I feel really on the ball. It seems less sleep equals more in control which is a very good sign. Anyway, off to shade in metal boxes for the Big Project.