Week 20

14 02 2008

Tiny break from work. Today is focusing on periods and how women’s sanitary product habits can be broken down into categories which will gretaly influence the outcome of my final design and campaign. D&AD onyl ask for the rebranding and packaging btu the conclusion is emerging that in order for it to be successful it needs to have a campaign backing it up or it will fade into obscurity like Happy Shopper. There’s no link behind that comparison, I just haven’t thought about Happy Shopper in a while.

I am now working for Bulb and Bulbroots on a Wednesday afternoon but also during the week in my-own-time-whenever-I-feel-like-it styleeeeee. It will be a lot of fun and very rewarding, and I am getting over the Fear slowly. Currently just been given project where will manage extension of Geotag project and document Leicester’s changes every month for a year I think. Means will have to keep coming back to Leicester or stay here for the duration of the project but who knows, that may become a viable option a bit later on. Still feel a bit nomadic in terms of housing and things, but that’s probably best because staying in one place too long could become stagnant.

The wakupmakeup people are currently away so their projects are on hold. Not sure I fully understand what they want me to do, another meeting and chat is needed. The creativtypes people who I met on Monday haven’t got back to me yet about whether they want me to work or not. I will chase them next Tuesday, as over week is enough time to warrant a prompting. I also am a little nervous about the Willmott Dixon interview on Tuesday because it’s such a daunting thing to have a whole day interview process. I will conquer the Fear, it will not beat me. But on the bright side I get to see my family and my Grandma who I haven’t seen in ages. That’s more than enough incentive to go for it.

So the business sets in, but to be honest it is paying off because:

  • 76% for CAD
  • 74% for RSA project (Gillette razors)
  • 72% for Sloane project
  • Shocking, but makes me feel warm inside. 2:1 here I come.


    How things are going so far…..

    9 12 2007

    It’s been a bit hectic these past couple of weeks, and since it is Sunday it’s time to shift down a gear work wise, but not completely stop obviously. The past couple of weeks have been spent sitting at the desk or in the library just solidly getting through the workload. RSA is going well and I am especially proud of this project because I have never done technical drawing, packaging design or 3D modelling in my life so to do a whole project centred around it is a personal achievement. Obviously, if I do not get a good mark it will be a disappointment but we shall see how it goes.

    We have been given really tight deadlines concerning the literature review for the dissertation module, and it is due in next Friday along with the RSA project. It is difficult because of the level of analytical criticism that is needed, but it is coming along well, and that will be the focus of today.

    Yesterday was a little frustrating because I spent a long time making nets for RSA packaging before working out that it simply could not be done economically. But this was a blessing in disguise because it lead me to think further about the application of the packaging, and formulate something that was not simply disposable after one use. I also concentrated on ‘closing the loop’, and feel that a design has been formulated that fulfills this section of the brief. However, I have a tutorial with Chipps tomorrow and he may feel differently…..

    Trundling Along

    13 11 2007

    So far things have been going alright, haven’t had to pull any all nighters just yet but I’m sure there’s plenty of time for that. Just a very quick update with current progress: Friday handed in Sloane report on environmental retail trends, Monday handed in research project proposal, second Sloane report on ethical and environmental materials is in next Friday, RSA project is due in in four weeks, literature review is due in in four weeks, CAV is due in in four weeks so all in all this month is going to be super hectic.

    The isometric drawing is still proving to be a bit of a problem. I sat at my desk for a long long time yesterday and I only have half a decent drawing and about five unusable ones. I’m going to take them all in on Friday to Brian and find out what I’ve done wrong. Some of them it’s the measuring, some it’s the perspective, but because I don’t have someone actively pointing these things out to me I don’t know how to fix them. Probably just got to keep at it and practise practise practise.

    However, I am currently sitting in a Rhino 3D lesson trying to draw a christmas tree. It’s a good program, but like with everything it takes practise. See my work blog for screen shots. Getting excited though, feel like I’m actually achieving things! This is unusual for my course haha. Kidding. Sort of.


    8 10 2007

    So we almost have all of our briefs now, and some of them are difficult. Well, it is our third year. For one module we can choose from several briefs on the RSA website. I am torn between two – sustainable packaging and domestic greenclean. They both deal with issues I am familiar with and care about, yet sustainable packaging is probably easier to do in the time available as there is so much scope within it. The ‘domestic greenclean’ project is more complex and my initial ideas involve a lot of architecture and external additions to buildings, which may not be so easy to execute in the time available. I’m going to think about it now.

    For the research project there are really no limitations except it has to be within the field of design and design management, which spans business, marketing, graphic design and design in general. That’s why it is so difficult. I am considering adapting one of the RSA briefs to go with, not passing it off as my own idea but going through the research thoroughly and reaching an outcome that may not be covered by the requirements of the brief.

    I was quite disappointed with my marks for last year, as apparently my designs lacked ‘finesse’, which was a disappointing outcome. But I suppose that’s what you get for not being supervised by the tutors all the time. I would rather be wrong than be spoon fed. It was very surprising that I got the highest mark for the business plan, when I thought I would get the lowest. It was probably because I did wicked packaging for it (I will upload photos another time) and that boosted my marks. I just have to make sure this year I knuckle down (even harder than last year) and get it right. Or as near to right as possible, while staying on target with the brief.