There are not enough hours in the day!

18 08 2010

Writing about the stuff I am doing has taken a back seat because I am busy doing things. Good catch 22 to be in but it means the blog is going un-updated at the moment. One day I will write a bit more… one day…


Back by Popular Demand

16 04 2010

After bending to positive peer pressure, the blog is back online. I will make more of an effort to write in here now and I’ve been told the way to do this is not to sleep. Let’s see how it goes as I don’t sleep much already…

Also it’s so strange that the last post was almost exactly a year ago today. How time flies, how things change.

The Day Jenzo Rolled Into Town

15 02 2009

It has been a blinding weekend. Jenzo came to visit Lestaaa and we have had many, many fun times going into town and buying lampshades (I know how to show a girl a good time), playing DVD Catchphrase and drinking. Very big drinking. Loved being her tour guide, she saw all the best places.

We went to the Hub for a couple of shots of very strong Christmas on Friday night before heading off to see Cyantific at Superfly with Tanda and Ema. Bloody amazing set, but the crowd was a bit odd. We soon forgot about that after yet more tequila. Oh tequila.

Saturday was spent being a bit spaced out and wandering the streets of Lesta looking at all the sights, sounds and charity shops before being ripped off by Sainsburys (checkout girl stole our pineapple juice!), making coffee and falling asleep in front of Dogma (£4 down the charity shop get in!). Then it was an evening of cooking pizza, drinking gin and getting down to 9 Bar for their 12th Birthday. Amazing ice sculpture shot slide, phat beats and many, many drinks. We danced like the crazies before walking to Esko afterwards and dancing like more crazies. It was much fun. I am very tired. We ate pizza at 5am. Ohh yeahh. My brain has ceased to function.

Ace weekend, loveth thou Jenzo.

Ice sculpture at 9bar

Making links

4 02 2009

Credit Crunch = Biscuits.

That is all.

Sad Times

19 01 2009

After learning the sad news that Betty Page passed on in December, Tony Hart’s gone now too. Hard times for influential people.

Getting Closer

19 01 2009

Starting to get more worried about things. One of my friends has just lost his job through the credit crunch, although we’ve all known it is a real dangerous thing it has just really hit home how dangerous it actually is. Luckily for him it’s prompted the decision to go back to college and finish studying for his personal trainer qualifications but you can’t help thinking about all the people for whom that is just not an option. Scary. That’s probably why there’s so much competition for projects at the moment, people are frightened and grabbing at all the pitches they can. But it’s alright, it just makes me work harder to get them. Am a bit nervous about what this will mean on the funding front but let’s just see how it goes. The big funders seem unconcerned but it’s difficult not to worry about the cut in local funding, which can be make or break for a lot of projects. Still, we’re doing alright at the moment due to all the hard work everyone’s putting in to make 2009 the year of Pedestrian Arts.

Monday Blues

22 12 2008

Apparently I’m very pouty today. I feel a bit sad. It would be nice to go to dancing then curl up on the sofa afterwards watching Desperate Housewives while drawing in my Yellow Book of Thoughts and Studies. But as much as I feel like doing that I’m going to stop moping and get down the Lansdowne for Christmas dinner with the housemates.

I hate moping.