Degree Show Loveliness

16 06 2008

Last week was a killer. It was the second week of temping at A&L in the mornings, and in the afternoons I was pimping myself out for a flatscreen TV for my prototype point of sale unit. When I eventually secured one from the lovely fellahs at Richers Sounds it was taken directly to Sloane’s factory, where I spent most of my afternoons last week going “ooooooh” at how it was developing. The engineers there were absolutely fantastic, and because they simply couldn’t get rid of me they were really willing to talk and tell me how everything was going. It’s beautiful, I’ll put photos in another post.

The actualy Friday night ceremony went really smoothly, but the few days beforehand did not. There was a massive mixup at the printers, and my a1 research posters were printed a4, and the a4 promo posters were printed a1. Disaster! It was fixed just in time, but I had to run home to let my Mum in (who was napping in the car outside the house haha) so we could literally get ready and then route march to the exhibiton. It was so cool my Mum was able to get there early, it would’ve been terrible if she missed the awards ceremony, she’s been to every one of my competitions as far back as I can remember so it was amazing she was there for this one too. Love you Mum.

Had the best night on Sunday with Hayley as well, especially because I haven’t seen her in a few millenia. We were ripping the student discount at Pi Bar, christening the new shoes in style!

The lovely man who interviewed me for the temporary marketing officer position was there for the presentation too bless him, although he was invited I didn’t think he’d actually turn up. But he did, which was lovely although I didn’t get to talk to him. It would be cool to do some freelance work with the Phoenix at some point, so I’m going to start resharpening my web skills again, especially on Dreamweaver. (I know the code ends up ugly, but it’s a worthwhile skill to have). I do miss the geek talks that used to happen with certain people, but then….


6 hours to go

7 05 2008

It’s lovely to be reminded how beautiful sunrise is.

24 hour project

6 05 2008

2 hours in, research is beginning and ideas are forming. Two boards, 22 hours to go.

The brief is to design a milk carton for one of six different profiles, and I’ve chosen the elderly because inclusive design is a highly interesting field.

Come on brain.

Week 33: Exhausted

5 05 2008

So it is very nearly almost over. For good. The dissertation was finished and printed on Wednesday, bound on Thursday and handed in on Friday. All that’s left now is the 24 hour project which is tomorrow until Wednesday and the research poster handed in next week.

This week has been really good, went to 9bar on Wednesday for drinkies which turned into Seani and I having a heart to heart for ages, Thursday the wife and I cooked a wicked meal of vegetarian haggis, celeriac and butternut squash and drew amazing pictures to go on the wall for the upcoming party. It was wicked. The party on Saturday went really well, although only Sam, Al, Dan and I set it up which was a bit stressful and annoying but it’s cool because there was a really good vibe going once the party got started.

Unfortunately I haven’t felt well since Friday, and even now I feel so drained and uncomfortable no matter how much water I drink or naps I have. The only thing I can hope for is that it goes away once I start getting into job hunting mode. I can’t wait to have a job now, if only to have some structured work hours. Although even if I did go freelance (depending on the circumstances) and had to motivate myself and manage my own time outside of the nine to five I really could do it, because I’ve done it enough this year. I can’t just sit around on my bottom all day I would actually go insane.

I’m off now, to watch desperate housewives, rewrite my CV and draft out my research poster. Having all this time is a bit of an alien concept. I don’t know what to do with myself. Quick! Someone give me some work!

Knew This Would Happen

21 04 2008

So the phase of self loathing and mental torture that is typical around deadline time is continuing. It’s slightly rubbish. Everything was going well, I was suitably sleep deprived to the point where I was really on top of everything and getting used to the surreal feeling that comes with being awake for so long but then I went to Dan’s and everything fell apart. I slept. And slept. And ate a bit. And slept. So now I have all this random energy and it won’t focus on work. Which is rubbish because the dissertation deadline is next Friday. All I want to do is watch films and poledance, is that so much to ask?

Deadline week: Competition Project

16 04 2008

Once again it’s been an extremely busy time as I have been working flat out for this competition project and the dissertation, and have been having meetings with Sloane. Unfortunately on the day of the big meeting, where I went to their factory and really wanted to make a massive impression, I got struck down with an annoying cold. I feel a lot better today with a lot more energy, but it’s not a good impression when I have to blow my nose every 5 minutes and leave a trail of tissues behind!

Their factory is actually amazing. Not sure how much I am allowed to talk about but it was fantastic, they think the same way that I do pointing out all the common sense errors and thinking of better ways to do things. Fantastic. It was so wonderful being there with them, and they dropped massive hints about the KTP so hopefully they’d like me to apply for it and this whole competition has given me a huge foot in the door.

On the other hand, working for Bulb has been a really fantastic experience and I would love to continue with them as long as possible. This is the tough decision, but it does sort of depend upon whether I work well in the KTP environment, and also whether I am suited to freelancing with Bulb. Who knows. It’s going to be a tough couple of months as I push through.

Do feel bad for not being back down south more often, and I feel I am neglecting that part of my life but it will be sorted after this month when my huge deadlines have gone. I just hope people at home can understand that, and remember what it was like.

In other news, family is doing really well. Which is a big relief.

Have almost conquered the pole dancing fear, am going to go the lesson tomorrow with a non scared attitude and just do it. I WILL conquer this!

Dan is starting to feel a bit neglected as well, but will have to remedy that this weekend by cooking stew and having barbeques and drinking Pimms like we always do. Have really enjoyed hanging out with different people though, it’s been wicked making new friends.

Right, must get the competition project finished tonight so can print off tomorrow and rest my mind about it, then can crack on with the dissertation and get it more or less drafted out. It’s all going well so far, mainly because I am working non stop. Had a bit of a lazier day today because it was drawing sketchbook work but it’ll be back to the hard graft soon enough!

Really looking forward to the party at the beginning of next month, and Freefest. Woooohooo! Excitement!

Week 28

9 04 2008

Very quick update as am working at the same time, but today is the day of the Sloane meeting, where they will discuss the reports that they have chosen to investigate further. This is my first chance to wow them and hopefully get a foot in the door on that research position. I really want to go for it, as everything else looks so uncertain. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I can’t pass up the chance for a free masters degree!

Work is going well but slowly, it is going to be a flat out slog now until the deadline next week, but I feel really upbeat and ready today. Kept waking up in the night panicking about work, might just give up sleeping for a while until all this is over, then crash for about a week. Woohaaa.

My camera’s finally given up the ghost after endless nights out, countless trips to other countries and a physical attack in the street. It’s a bit rubbish because it has so much history and I can’t afford another one, but I;m just going to have to live off other people’s memory cards for now! It’s all good.

I am really nervous and excited in equal measures about the Sloane meeting, but the good thing is I feel really on the ball. It seems less sleep equals more in control which is a very good sign. Anyway, off to shade in metal boxes for the Big Project.