{Promises of Sunshine}

12 04 2009

So many things have been happening lately, in keeping with my ‘let’s stay busy’ 2009 mindset. As always, I’m not the most articulate of people so here are the happenings in bullet point stylee:

  • Setting up Summer Schools is going well, waiting to hear back on some funding
  • Was at Step into Sport camp all last week, teaching lovely kiddies how to use cameras and make a film. Am having a big career shakeup as a result. Watch my transformation into a film person!
  • Cut my Bulb Studios days down to one. Will use the spare time to aid my transformation, as before I’ve been filling it with Pedestrian work which is not ideal.
  • Bought an iPod classic! I never buy things! Although again in keeping with my recycling brain, it’s second hand off ebay. It never occurred to me that people could be wankers, so I’m hoping that it hasn’t been dropped in water or similar. There is a way to tell, but I haven’t picked it up yet so we shall see. I’m a bit nervous, as my naivety might have cost me a hundred quid. Damn.
  • Have come back to parents for bank holiday. It is lovely and relaxing and I have slept lots and hung out with my Dad. We went to Blackbushe market. I bought shampoo. No, really.
  • We have a new lovely housemate called Lucy. She is wicked. We go to reggae nights and drink a lot of rum and ginger beer. I enjoy her face and her brightly coloured happy hippiness.
  • My poledancing competition is this coming Thursday. I haven’t done any practise for 13 days. I am going to fail miserably.
  • Have been planning Summer. It is lush. So far it looks like this:

  • Ibiza maybe! Not sure if I can afford it yet though.
  • One week in Devon with my down south chicas. Surfing!
  • Random, unplanned days in a transit van. You can put a hammock in it! Pure joy.
  • Reading festival maybe, if I don’t sell my ticket. Will see how I feel.
  • Promises of a reggae festival in the Netherlands, but again we shall seeeeeee.
  • Bestival! Am buying my ticket when I get some pennies.
  • Family tings. Standard. Maybe Scotland. Exciting! Heather and sheep and highland coos.
  • Would like to do something with Samantha. But due to the nature of our jobs we can’t take time off at the same time. But I will broach the subject anyway, test the water with our manager.
  • I feel a lot better in my mind at the moment. I am still sorting myself out, it seems to be taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Step into Sport really helped as we had a bit of down time in which I could have a really good think without the pressures of work around. Pedestrian is really stressing me out for no reason, I’m getting too emotional about the job. I am not my work. Must remember that. Will remember that…..


    The Great Bulb West End Christmas Party Competition

    5 02 2009

    Should have blogged about this ages ago because it happened before Christmas, but it still feels fresh.

    The Bulb Studios Christmas Party was immense. We went everywhere and did everything, from bowling to shooting basketball hoops to darts, all in the name of friendly competition. The prize was a tankard with £100 in it, and it was a showdown between Rob and Jim at the bitter end. Jim came out on top, but his wife spirited away the cash before he ever laid eyes on it! Such is marriage đŸ˜‰

    Below are a selection of my favourite photos, courtesy of Rob on Bulb Studios Flickrstream.

    Mat had many, many fun times.

    I kicked Tanda’s arse at Jenga. Oh yes.

    Gala Bowls for the first time.

    Lovingly decorating the ham.

    The wife and I do the dancing thing. This was before she jumped through a moving car window. Never a dull moment!

    Happy New January

    13 01 2009

    It’s half way through but January is still a bit shiny and new. Many things have been happening, as ever. I am quite tired but going to Hub cinema with Boycie later so will try and perk up.

    The year started with a bang in Firebug with some lovely people and since then I have (in bullet point format so as not to bore anyone who probably isn’t reading this):

    • Been to the Youth Sport Trust National Talent Orientation Camp and made a wicked film about it
    • Been working for Pedestrian Arts (as always) and setting up many, many projects for the new year
    • Working for Bulb Studios setting up projects and filming things
    • Training for dancing and generally sorting my body out. It is still adapting to my *new* diet (not vegan, I don’t like the label but generally no meat or dairy. Haha. Not vegan!)

    Why is it whenever I say I’m vegan (not that I am you understand) people look at me like “I’m so sorry” as if I’ve just told them someone’s died? It makes me laugh internally on a daily basis.

    Dancing is hot. Ever since that gig in Bristol I really think we could get on this, so I am going to start advertising us as a duo I reckon. Let’s see what happens.

    Looking forward to the belated Christmas meal with my back south girls. The theme is Rabbie Burns night and we all have to buy eachother something tartan. It’s going to be ace I’ve ordered 4 (yes 4) vegetarian haggis for the event and am going to buy some fireworks to let off after dinner. Like after dinner mints but more explosive and slightly more likely to blow your face off. Unless you’re eating XXX mints.

    Going to make my Mum a birthday card. Happy birthday for Thursday Mum. Expect something fun in the post.


    13 12 2008

    As much as I love it, I can’t drink it any more. It makes me so unprofessional. No one wants to talk to a giggly representative rushing off caffeine. Got smacked between the eyes with a caffeine rush in the middle of a meeting the other day and it can’t happen again. Green tea, become my saviour.

    Steve LaMacq Is Mat’s New Best Friend

    5 12 2008

    Bulb Studios are avid Radio 6 listeners, and when Mat heard that Steve LaMacq was championing a day called ‘Wear Your Old Band Tshirt To Work Day’ he knew it was a match made in Heaven. Good timing too, as that was the day that the Queen visited Leicester to open the new Curve Theatre, making the day all Royal and Official and Everything.

    It’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Proper.

    Two thirds of the way there

    21 10 2008

    Pedestrian have given me the day off today, partly because I need to recover and partly because I wasn’t even vaguely human yesterday it was more like having one of the living dead in the studio. I was still working, but very slowly, I would even say glacier pace. But after 12 hours sleep, a massive bowl of porridge and sunshine through my window I feel a bit better. I still can’t believe everything everyone’s been working so hard on is now over. However, I was chatting to Danny Byrd, Jungle Drummer and DJ Fu and they have all offered to do workshops for Pedestrian at a later date which is cool if I can actually pin them down. I hope so, they were all alright chaps once they knew what Pedestrian were about.

    Also, massive thanks to Josh, Ski, Sam, Mat, Jim, Mick, Stu, and everyone else who has helped flyer, poster, promote, bought raffle tickets and generally gave Pedestrian some love. Without you chaps this event would never have happened. It’s been emotional times.

    The Party Aftermath

    19 10 2008

    It’s been absolutely mad this weekend. We’ve been working for three months solid preparing for this weekend, and now it’s over. I still can’t believe it.

    The BIG Pedestrian Party went really well, and staying sober was the best decision I could have made in order to keep it running smoothly! Event management is tough, I appreciate the people who do it as I couldn’t shake the nervousness in my stomach  that seemed to flutter throughout the entire event.

    The artists were brilliant, 4hero rocked it as did No Fakin’ DJs and Danny Byrd. It was a good celebration of 10 years of Pedestrian’s history.

    Party photos

    4Hero rocking their set at the Pedestrian Party


    Danny Byrd

    Pure Phase

    Biscuit Tin Sound System

    The Merchandise Stand