The Last Two Weeks (in brief)

17 06 2008

The last two weeks have been absolutely mad. I’ve been working for A&L in the mornings, dealing with their ISA application backlog, and in the afternoons trekking it all the way to Northampton to spend time in Sloane’s factory with the beautiful prototype. I might call him Eric, but I haven’t decided yet. He’s beautiful.

Have been applying for jobs left right and centre in a bid to stay in Leicester. I’m building a nice life here, all the people are lovely and the culture is just exploding. Hurrah!

A couple of weeks ago was the interview for Temporary Marketing Officer for the Phoenix Arts company, and it went pretty well considering I wasn’t even expecting to get an interview! I didn’t get it, but it seemed a bit of a scary post to be honest. I still see the Phoenix as this massive organisation with a massive national and international presence, and don’t feel ready for the responsibility if I potentially mess up their reputation. That is a bit pessimistic but my confidence has always been a bit of an issue in terms of design, marketing and all that jazz. Got to sort it.

The Fear is still conquered! And I’ve almost mastered a move I think is called The Sun Shines Throughout. It’s pretty wicked 😉 I’ll post photos if I ever have the nerve. Finding the time to practise at the moment is a bit difficult though. Miss the wife.




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